Town Hall/Pavillon Rental

Attachment to Resolution 2023-02 Town Hall/Pavilion - Requirements for Use and Rental Adopted March 7, 2023

The Town Hall and Pavilion are available for use or rental as outlined below.

Community Groups/Community Events & Government Departments

There are a number of community groups and community events listed on the website. Use of the Town Hall/Pavilion by the community groups and for the community events listed on the Town Website is free of charge. A Rental Application or Agreement is not required. In addition, a funeral or memorial held at the Town Hall, provided the deceased was a Town resident or an immediate family member of the Town resident, also falls into this category.

Use of the Town Hall/PaviIion for Town government sponsored meetings, trainings or educational outreach including those sponsored by the Plan Commission, along with meetings and trainings of the Fire Department and First Responders are free of charge. A Rental Application or Agreement is not required. In addition informational meetings or services provided by Iron County representatives including senior meals provided by ADRC would also fall into this category.

A common characteristic of these meetings or events is that they are free, open to the public and intended to benefit Town of Sherman residents. Scheduling of meetings and events MUST be coordinated though the Town Clerk.

Private Events

The Town Hall/Pavilion is not available for private events unless you are a full time or seasonal resident. A Town of Sherman full time or seasonal resident may rent the Town/Hall Pavilion for a private event such as a graduation party, anniversary celebration, family reunion or wedding.

  1. Complete the Town Hall/Pavilion Application
  2. The Clerk and/or Town Chair will review the application
  3. The Clerk or Town Chair will contact you to discuss
  4. Provide proof of insurance if alcohol is being served
  5. Pay the applicable fee and deposit.
  6. After the Town and the applicant both sign the Rental Agreement, your date and time is reserved.


Everyone else, whether an organization or individual, that does not meet the definition above for Community Groups/Events & Government Departments or Private Events may be eligible to rent the Town Hall/pavilion provided:

  • The meeting is open to the public
  • The topic of the meeting meets one of the objectives or action items included in the Town of Sherman 2023 Comprehensive Plan.
  • The Town Board reserves the sole right to allow or deny an applicant based on its reading and interpretation of the Comprehensive Plan or any current factor it deems relevant in the Town's sole discretion. This right of the Town to deny is to be broadly interpreted.
  • Follow Steps 1-5 listed under Private Events

An individual or running for a public office (provided that office represents the Town of Sherman) may use the Town Hall/Pavilion to hold resident listening session or campaign gatherings.  There is no cost for the rental but the candidate is required to complete the Application and provide appropriate insurance coverage if applicable.