Iron County Supervisor

Iron County Supervisor’s Report to Town of Sherman

Anne McComas, Iron County Supervisor representing District 15, Town of Sherman

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December 8, 2020

I began attending Iron County Board meetings on April 21 this year. I serve on 4 committees: Zoning, Land& Water Conservation, Transportation, and Recycling

Concern has been expressed about the COVID-19 pandemic in Iron County. On July 2, there were 7 cases and one death. On November 14 there were 289 cases and 7 deaths. Today, December 8, there are 377 confirmed cases and 16 deaths. Our department of Health and Human Services has been working hard. The fastest, easiest to understand information about COVID in Iron County can be found at In my opinion, many Iron County Board members do not take proper precautions and they insist upon holding committee meetings indoors in small rooms without adequate masking and social distancing. County administrators have tried to accommodate County Board members by allowing those of us who are concerned to participate in meetings from home by partial Zoom while the rest of the committee members gather together in the small Board Room. This is not an adequate alternative to going full Zoom, where each committee member has his/her own camera and microphone. We will be discussing the possibility of going full Zoom at our next meeting on December 15, 2020.

On the Zoning Committee we have passed several Town of Sherman Conditional Use Permits and several Tourist Rooming House Permits. One recent CUP has led me to be inclined to cooperate with Peter Hatch and our Town Board to consider some revisions to the CUP application process. This is in discussion.

On the Land and Water Conservation Committee I have recently sent a letter to 7 politicians, including Tom Tiffany, Ron Johnson, Beth Meyers, and Janet Bewley to ask them to stop a plan to move the DNR Fisheries Staff from Mercer to Ashland. This proposed move will make it much more difficult to work with DNR fisheries staff. We have a greater need for DNR field representatives than does Ashland County. Iron County has 29,902 acres of surface water, Ashland County has 5,936 acres of surface water. There are more inland lake and stream field work projects done in Iron County than in Ashland. Up until now our successful collaborations between DNR and Iron County have occurred because DNR staff have been readily available for meetings, conversations and brainstorming.

On the Recycling Committee, I met with the director of Eagle Waste and Recycling, Scott Jaeger, and have learned all about their sorting process. Recyclables do get recycled, even though they are all tossed in together. You can visit their site in Eagle River for a tour. The office number is 715-477-0077. Scott’s cell phone is 715-891-6291. You can recycle 1 and 2 plastics, but not 3 through 7. They have free recycling of tires, electronics, and appliances once a year on the Saturday before Labor Day.

The Transportation Committee meets only once a year to renew grants. Currently the ARDC (Aging and Disability Resource Center) and Highline offer transportation services to and from doctor appointments, legal appointments, and the occasional shopping trip. Iron County is working with BART (Bay Area Rural Transportation to have bus routes 2 days a week that will service both the Hurley and Mercer areas, providing rides to Ashland and Woodruff/Minocqua. These services are funded by Wisconsin Statute 85.21 funds for Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance. This does not mean that people who are not elderly or disabled can’t use the service. It just means that, in cases of scarce resources, first priority goes to the elderly and disabled.