Highway Department

John Heimberger,Town Road Supervisor, can be reached at [email protected].  The telephone number for the highway garage is 715.583.4422 ext 5.  Please note that messages left on the highway garage phone are checked only once per day usually around 7a.m.

The Town of Sherman has two highway employees that are classified as full time – Duane Klepac, Road Foreman, and Patrick Grams.  Their normal work hours are Monday through Thursday, 7am to 3pm.  The Town also employs other part time workers that fill in primarily during the snow plow season or other peak times.

The road projects completed for 2023 are listed below.  

Boot Lake, Deer Path and Springstead Road:  Scott Construction was awarded bids to complete chip sealing on Boot Lake, Deer Path and Springstead Roads.  The work was completed in September.

Little Muskie Road:  Pitlick and Wick was awarded a bid to complete work on 1,000 feet of Little Muskie Road starting about 200 feet north of Charnley Lake Road and working south.  Work was completed in October.