The waste/recycle center is located within the Municipal Complex at 3063W Hwy 182. The hours of operation are:

Saturdays from 9-3 year round.

Wednesdays 12-3 (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

ALL GARBAGE needs to be contained in a Waste Management bag.  These bags may be purchased from the Recycling Attendant during normal hours of operation or at the A + J Springstead Trading Post.  The current price is $3.00 per bag or $28.00 per 10 bags.

WASTE OIL and Oil Filters -  Waste oil and oil filters may be recycled at the Town Hall recycle center during normal hours of operation.  Please see attendant on duty for proper disposal procedure.  DO NOT LEAVE WASTE OIL AT THE SITE WITHOUT AN ATTENDANT ON DUTY.

ACCEPTABLE RECYCLING MATERIALS – Flattened cardboard, Magazines, Office paper, Junk mail, Phonebooks, Paperboard, Brown paper bags, Newspapers, Plastic bottles, Glass bottles and jars, Steel cans and empty Aerosol cans, Aluminum cans, Aluminum foil and Pie tins.  There is no requirement to wash, remove labels or separate items.  For additional information on what is acceptable and not acceptable recycling materials please see the three documents below provided by Waste Management.

recycle right             most common contaminants            recycling myths

It is illegal to leave any material at the Recycle site without an attendant present.  Any violations will be sent to law enforcement for action and subject to penalty pursuant to Iron County Ordinance 2101 and Town of Sherman Ordinance 2001-10/9 Recycling.


The brush collection site is located at the Town gravel pit on Sherman Road off of Hwy 182 (near Mirror Lake Road).  Town of Sherman residents may use the Brush Collection Site for the disposal of tree limbs and branches less than 3” in diameter, brush, leaves and grass yard waste (NO STUMPS ALLOWED).

From June 1 through October 31 each year the Brush Collection Site is available on Saturdays 9-3 and Wednesdays (Memorial Day to Labor Day only) 12-3.  The Brush Collection site is a locked gate.  A key is available from the Recycle Attendant during normal recycle center hours of operation only.  The Recycle Attendant will:

*  Have you fill out a Brush Collection Use Schedule requiring date, name, address and phone#.

*Inspect your truck/trailer to ensure disposed items are allowable.

* Provide a key to the locked gate (Please make sure the gate is locked whenever you exit the gravel pit).

* Provide a brief orientation to the Brush Collection Site as necessary.

When you have completed disposing your material, immediately return the key to the Recycle Attendant.  Do non loan the key to anyone.  The key must be returned to the Recycle Attendant prior to the end of the scheduled recycle hours for that day.  The Town Supervisor overseeing the recycle center will inspect the Brush site periodically to ensure proper usage.

In the event of a significant storm that would require multiple residents to use the site, the Town will post a notice and make available an attendant to staff the Brush Collection Site.  In these instances no appointment or permit is required.

Only raw forest products can be disposed of at the Brush Collection Site.  No manmade materials of any kind.