Town of Sherman

February 17, 2022

More About our New Chair


Kurt Wolff, Town Chairman

On February 15, at the monthly Town Board Meeting, I was appointed Town Chairman to complete the balance of Jerry Luke’s term which expires in April 2023.  State Statues allows for the remaining Board and Town Clerk to appoint an individual in the event of a vacancy on the Town Board.  While I have served on several boards and volunteered for many different community opportunities over the years, I have never sought nor held public office.  I can assure you becoming Town Chairman was the furthest thing from my mind just twenty days ago.  But in these difficult circumstances and after some self-reflection, I decided to answer the call that was presented to me.  I sincerely appreciate the support and confidence expressed by Supervisor Lepper, Supervisor Kessler, Clerk Meer and Treasurer Murrin over the past two weeks.

My wife Sarah and I have been enthusiastic visitors of the north woods for most of our lives and purchased a cabin in the Springstead area fifteen years ago.  We became full time Town of Sherman residents in early 2020.  We enjoy most outdoor activities, sunsets and getting to know our neighbors.  I have always thought that in our town everyone was sort of your ‘neighbor’. 

So I take the Town Chairman position humbled and can only promise that I will try my best.   There will be some bumps in the road and times where I will ask for your patience.  But we will all get through the transition.  Initially my office hours may be a bit sporadic as I work through some prior commitments.  However should you have concerns or, even better, ideas for how to make the Town a better place, stop by Town Hall during the Chair office hours and let me know what you think.  I look forward to meeting and hearing from you.    


 Kurt can be currently contacted via the Town Clerk @ or (715) 583-4422