Town of Sherman

January 6, 2023

Notice of Public Hearing, Comprehensive Plan Update




A public hearing to discuss the proposed Town of Sherman 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan Update and approval of an ordinance to adopt the comprehensive plan shall be held on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 6 p.m.

          Sherman Town Hall

                                                              3063W State Hwy 182

                                                   Park Falls (Springstead), WI 54552


The proposed 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan Update in summary contains the following items: Introduction; Public Participation Plan; Elements 1-9 (Issues and Opportunities; Housing; Transportation; Utilities and Community Facilities; Natural, Agricultural and Cultural Resources; Economic Development; Intergovernmental Cooperation; Land Use; Implementation); and associated maps.

To provide public comment on the Comprehensive Plan Update contact the Sherman Town Clerk by: 1) writing to the address noted above, or 2) emailing at [email protected].  The Clerk’s normal office hours are Tuesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 1p.m.

A copy of the proposed 2023-2043 Comprehensive Plan is available on the Town’s website at  Click the Government tab then click Draft 2023 Comprehensive Plan.  A printed copy of the Plan is also available for review at the Sherman Town Hall.

This Notice of Public Hearing is being published as a Class 1 Notice with the Iron County Miner, as required under Wis. stats. 66.1001(4)(d)(e).  The Notice will also be posted on the Town’s website and the bulletin boards located at the Town Hall, A&J Springstead Trading Post and Frontier Inn.


Rose A. Meer, Town Clerk

January 5, 2023