Town of Sherman

Weather in the Town of Sherman

January 31, 2022

ADRC Meal Site Weather-related Closure Policy

ADRC Meal Members are reminder annually of our weather policy in which the Hurley school cancels we cancel all meals as we coordinate also with the police department for route conditions which vary from one part of the county to another. Our previous cook for Mercer use to follow the school schedule of Mercer however we cannot follow that policy any longer as our cook lives in Iron Belt and traveling conditions from her home to Mercer impact her safety to get there and the HSC board wants the policy to apply to all their staff when Hurley School Closes, all Iron County Meal Sites are closed.


We post those closing on two radio stations 99.7 the Storm and 106.9 the Mix both have coverage areas past Park Falls. We also post on our Facebook page which I understand some people don’t use however we do have a lot of followers.


We are also working to put an automated message system on our phones when we are closed for weather this should be up and running in the next two weeks.


Thank you for letting me know and I will send info to all sites reminding them of the weather-related closures.


Thank you,