Town of Sherman

Weather in the Town of Sherman

September 20, 2021


We DID IT!!!! We just collected 500 pounds of plastic bags and packaging!!! Thank you Town of Sherman people – both-year round and seasonal folk!! The park bench we earned will be shipped to us in 3-4 months.

When this project started it was questionable if six months was enough time for our small population to gather that much plastic film. But we did it in just over two months!!

Before we registered as the Town of Sherman, many bags from here went to help the Mercer Public Library reach their goal. Once they logged in their 500, they in turn helped us. It has been a cooperative effort.

Thank you also to Jerry Simonson, Town Chair Gerold Luke, Supervisor Gary Kessler and the folks who help at our recycling site for the help, assistance and guidance in this project.

Now that everyone is in the habit, we going to continue, so keep them coming! The Town of Sherman cannot apply to log in pounds toward another bench until after the first of the year. If there is another community group here in Springstead area that would like to sponsor collection toward another bench, (Sparks, First Responders, Quilters, Womens Club, Firefighters, etc.) please contact Cooky Brandt 715-252-6307. The plastics that are being collected now are being stored in the hope of helping the next local group have a head-start on another 500 pounds. That means another bench.

Every pound of plastic gathered in this project is another pound saved from taking up space in a land fill, from becoming snagged in trees, from floating in our lakes and rivers or from littering the ground, to say nothing of the space it saves in our kitchen drawers and closets. Plastic film takes a VERY, VERY long time to degrade. Carrying purchases home in our own cloth bags is indeed preferable to overuse of plastic, but the reality is that we as a society are presently dependent on these bags and other packaging. The little bit that each of us does to protect our environment indeed adds up. Thank you to all who participated!