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September 5, 2020

WI Elections Commission Mailing

Registered voters in WI were mailed a letter from the WI Elections Commission which provided information about options for voting in an election. 

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. (source: WI Elections Commission)

Who authorized this mailing?

The members of the bipartisan Commission voted unanimously to approve this mailing and directed staff to carry out the creation, printing and distribution of the mailing.

Why was it sent out to voters?

The Commission wanted to provide information on the different ways all Wisconsin voters can cast their ballots this fall far in advance of the election so voters have time to prepare and request an absentee ballot early, if that is their choice, so clerks will not be overwhelmed with last-minute requests. The mailer does not just focus on voting absentee by mail but outlines all three options a voter has to participate in the November General Election. The mailing also contains a paper absentee request application for voters who do not have internet access and would like to request a ballot for November.

How was the mailing paid for?

Federal CARES Act funds were used to pay for it. The WEC received roughly $7 million in CARES Act funds that could be used to cover COVID-related expenses for elections administration in 2020 and a portion of those funds was used to pay for the mailer.

When was the data for this mailer created and why did voters who have active absentee applications on file receive it?

The data set for this mailer needed to be created in June due to the lead time required by the state printing center to produce a mailing of this size. This timeline means that voters who submitted an absentee request between early June and the September 1 mailing date will receive this mailer and may have questions about the status of their absentee ballot request.

If voters received the mailing but already have an active absentee request on file, do they need to do anything?

No, they do not need to take any action as long as their application is in good standing.  


Absentee ballots for those who have already requested them for the November 3, 2020 Election, will be mailed out on or around September 17th. If you already requested a ballot but do not receive it by the end of September, please contact me by email: [email protected]  or by telephone: 715-583-4422 

I will put out a notice in the future regarding early in person voting times. In person absentee voting may not occur prior to October 20, 2020 as per current WI statutes.

Thank you,

Amy J. R. Slone

Town of Sherman Clerk